Beans On Toast

  1. Beans On Toast 4:06
  2. You Don't Get Me 3:47
Released October 29, 2022
“Beans On Toast” is the first single taken from Woody’s upcoming album of the same title. After a two year hiatus from recording music, the boys are back, and hungrier than ever and cracking on with another food related release title.

When a 16 years young Craig was inspired by the disgusting sound of a rusty, rattly E string on an unplugged electric guitar, the main riff to “Beans On Toast” was born. Written on the pretence of recovering from a breakup, the songs lyrics are supposed to portray a guy torn between two minds as he’s not sure how to feel about his newfound singleness - sounds sad yes but the song doesn’t. Purposefully made to sound like a happy track, the overall conclusion is: …interpret it how you feel? Depends on which harmony you listen to in the outro really.

“You Don’t Get Me”, the B-Side to Beans On Toast, is a prequel of sorts to the aforementioned breakup. Wrote from the confines of self-isolation after listening to multiple vinyls by The Black Keys, Craig slapped a Stratocaster into a secondhand Squeir amp with a broken input, producing absolutely awful distortion. He loved it. Bam - a riff was made, throw a tambourine on that bad boy - hell yeah, bass, drums - mm mm, delicious. Annnnnd that’s how You Don’t Get Me was made.