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About Minm

Minm is a streaming platform for independent music that uses a user centric payment system.

90% of your subscription goes to the artists you listen to.

The aim is to make music streaming sustainable for independent artists.

Current streaming platforms pool everyone’s subscription together in what’s known as a market centric payment system

The total pool is then divided up by the total number of streams in that market, to calculate a price per stream.

This makes it more advantageous to have more streams, which benefits larger artists and labels.

And the majority of your subscription goes to artists you didn’t listen to.

In a user centric payment system, your subscription is given directly to the artists you've listened to, in proportion to the number of times you streamed them that month.

So if you streamed 10 songs in total, a €5 subscription would be split up into €0.50 per stream.

This benefits independent artists that you listen to, as they are no longer competing against major artists and labels for streams.

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How Minm works


Subscribe for just €5 a month and get access to unlimited streaming. No extra fees, cancel at any time.

Discover and Listen

Browse a growing catalogue of great independent music. Read in-depth features on the artists behind the music. Build up a collection of your favourite music with your library.

Support Artists

At the end of the month your subscription is distributed amongst the artists you listened to. Minm shows you where every cent of your subscription goes.


Minm is being built by a community of artists and listeners.

Here are some of the artists
And these are the developers

Frequently asked questions


How much does a subscription cost?

Subscriptions are currently €5 per month. This is an introductory price whilst the catalogue is still growing. The price will eventually increase to ensure that artists are paid a fair amount per stream.

Is there an app?

We're working on it. In the meantime, the entire catalogue on Minm is available to stream on the web.

What happens if I don't listen to anything one month?

If you don't play any music on Minm for a month that you are subscribed, the subscription is distributed amongst the artists you played in the previous month.


Are there any fees to sign up?

The are no fees to sign up or upload your music. Minm supports itself financially by taking 10% of the subscription revenue.

How am I paid out royalties?

After signing up you can connect your bank account details, and are paid out directly. Royalties are paid on a continuous basis as subscriptions come into Minm, and can be paid out to your bank account at any time.

I'm a member of a performance rights organisation (PRO)

If you are a member of IMRO in Ireland or PRS in the UK then it is fine to upload your music to Minm. You can attach ISRC codes to the tracks you upload and we will report these to the respective agencies. If you are not a member of any PRO, that's also fine. But if you are a member of another PRO not listed here then you will need to ensure that you are able to grant Minm a royalty-free license for the song.