1. Youngblood 5:46
  2. Dayside 5:18
  3. Tired of Tomorrow 5:31
  4. Messennger 5:38
  5. Bloodmoon 3:38
  6. Morning Notions 3:41
  7. Blackmari 4:33
  8. Itwassocold 4:37
Released September 22, 2022 on Ragged Company Recordings
Melding Post-Rock, Shoegaze and Post-metal with a mix of numerous other influences like Kraut, Stoner, Prog and Math-rock, it would be hard to put this album under the current 'serious' guise of Post-rock. The tracks from this release are not particularly long - averaging 5 minutes, this sets Blckmrk free from the usual Post-Rock formula. Ultimately, drums, guitars, synths and bass come together for 40 minutes of eclectic No wave, Post-gaze and Alt-rock that sounds like it's album cover.

Band // Blckmrk are a post rock influenced band from Dublin. The all-instrumental three-piece band formed in Dublin in late 2018. The group formed after meeting at gigs in Dublin music scene and soon began collaborating on song ideas. The tracks for this self titled album were conceived between 2018 - 2020 with recordings coming to fruition in early 2022. This release seeks to convey each track as collectively formed in the rehearsal studio.

Sound // The Blckmrk sound may be described as having typical Post-rock sensibilities. At its core, dynamic interplay of guitars with soft-loud crescendos. Guitar riffs are paired with sparse drones and spiky synth lines. Blckmrk are at times aggressive and sometimes ambient, Shoegaze with moments of discordance found in Post-metal.

- - - 

Mixed by : Shayne Byrne for RCR - @raggedrec
Mastered by : Peter Montgomery - @petermontgomerymastering
Album photography & Layout : Jonny Meanderer
All tracks written, performed, produced and recorded by Blckmrk*