Another Morning

  1. Moment 3:60
  2. Something Beautiful 3:12
  3. Lovers by Surprise 3:38
  4. Local Minor Superstar 4:02
  5. Over the Sea 4:19
  6. Those Days 3:28
  7. A Wasted Love 3:46
  8. Get it Right 4:12
  9. Backwards and Cruel 2:29
  10. A Long Journey West 4:08
Released November 10, 2023
All songs by John Phelan & Stephen Byrne except:
Something Beautiful & Those Days: John Phelan/Oliver Cole/Stephen Byrne
Moment, Get It Right & Lovers By Surprise: John Phelan/Stephen Byrne/Fiona Ennis
A Long Journey West: John Phelan

John Phelan: Vocal, Guitars, Bass & Instrumentation.
Stephen Byrne: Drums.
David Ayers: Bass and Instrumentation.
Claire Cummins: Backing Vocals on Lovers by Surprise.
Anna and Amélie Phelan: Backing Vocals on Local Minor Superstar.
Oliver Cole: Guitars/Bass/Instrumentation & Backing Vocals on Something Beautiful & Those Days.
All songs co-produced by David Ayers and the band except Something Beautiful & Those Days (Oliver Cole and the band) & A Long Journey West (John Phelan)
Mastered by David Ayers.

Recorded in Butlerstown, Carlow, Tynock and the Cole Bunker