Run (featuring Hutch)

  1. Run 6:16
Released July 13, 2022 on Ragged Company Recordings
The tune for “Run” was written by Shayne and he sent it to me at some point in (I think) 2020. Shayne was coming up with a lot of different tunes around that time, some of which I felt I could work on, some of which I didn’t. The tune for “Run” stuck with me though, and I spent a little while trying to fit a lyric to it, which is something I struggle with oftentimes. My memory of the “Run” lyrics, though, was that they fell out of me almost stream-of-consciousness, which is pretty unusual for me these days. The lyric itself started off telling the story of a 10k run I did around Dublin City centre a few years ago, when I was training for a half marathon. The early verses attempt to emulate the feeling of trying to get up a momentum, dodging around cars and crowds of people, attempting to find a long straight road to get a few miles in. After that, for whatever reason, I started to try and mix it with and idea of shape-shifting into a bird of prey and taking off at the end of the song. God knows where that came from. Must’ve been something in the water. - Hutch