Nemed EP

  1. Nemed 4:03
  2. Iarbonel Faidh 2:45
  3. Beothach 4:35
  4. Iobáth 2:04
  5. Enna 5:57
  6. Tarbarn 3:55
Released March 23, 2018 on Ragged Company Recordings
Mathúin is based around improvisation and manipulation (time stretching, granular synthesis) of found sounds recorded inside and outside of the studio to avoid endless lists of synth presets and fuel a more organic approach. Initial ideas come from getting a textured layer started, Working off instinct and letting go and let it run wild. Excited by an idea and build on from initial sound. With this work method 'songwriting' & sound design become one and the same. Melodies form from the interplay of sounds and their capabilities and limitations.

Recorded fragments of sound from outside the studio offers up the unknown and the real. Never fully knowing what you can achieve until the manipulation begins and where that takes you. What do these pieces mean?...nothing, maybe mild Synesthesia, the Abstract, the Open, Expanded States of Mind, Fleeting moments and a desire to recreate them, the Intangible.
The door is open for all possibilities. A main goal…if anything I want to make pieces of music that invoke places more than just fragments of sound I want to make music that transports listeners to these places.


Sounds Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Mathúin