1. Drag 3:55
  2. Glimmer 3:33
  3. Lights 4:00
  4. Amigo 3:28
  5. Hollow 3:36
  6. For Real 3:39
  7. Moonsoake 3:30
  8. Graffiti 3:23
  9. Aubergines 3:14
  10. Flesh 3:41
  11. Drippy 3:20
  12. Blue Jean 5:00
Released February 18, 2022
The Belfast band hauled an entire studio to an abandoned factory in Portugal, to live and record for a month with Bill Ryder-Jones who they hauled from his homestead in The Wirral, merely weeks after supporting Alice in Chains on the Irish leg of their tour. This debut album was delayed massively by vinyl shortages and a global pandemic. It wasn't all doom and gloom as the band saw a signing to Fierce Panda Records for the release in 2022, and had the album partially mixed by incredible mix engineers Avril Mackintosh and Andy Bradfield.