From the Grassy Banks of the Vanishing Lake

  1. Noh-Ah-Ee-Noh Kargyraa Chant 3:26
  2. Low Whistle Sweetcorn Tin Mic 1:41
  3. Dordánacht. Cantaireacht. Drumadóireacht. {Droning. Chanting. Drumming} 5:14
  4. Straidkilly Bamboo Low Whistle 1:24
  5. Little Landscapes 2:55
  6. Throat Bird 2:50
  7. Bowed Clock Chimes 1:50
  8. Kargyraa Pratice Drone 1 6:46
  9. Dandelion Flute Drones & Vox 2:46
  10. Harmonica Drones 2:48
  11. March of The Dwarves 4:11
  12. Uilleann Pipe / Shruti Drones 4:28
  13. Double Flute n Drum Machine Mood 1:56
  14. Drone n Drum 4:19
Released December 16, 2022
A collection of audio sketches, improvisations, rough ideas and all kinds of odds and ends collected in one album from 2022. 
The Album title refers to Loughareema in Co. Antrim in which the water regularly disappears leaving it empty because of a sinkhole at the bottom linked to an underground outlet for the water. The peat and other debris in the lake block the sinkhole until at some stage the plug bursts and the lake disappears -only for the process to begin again. 
Local history states that in 1898, Colonel John Magee McNeille, rushing to catch a train from Ballycastle had misjudged the depth of the lake’s waters. He persuaded his coachman to drive the wagon pulled by two horses through the lake, but when they reached the middle, the cold water touched the horses’ bellies and made them nervous. 
The coachman used his whip, which caused the horse to rear up on its back legs and turn to the side. Soon, everyone lost balance and the colonel, his coachmen, and two horses drowned to death. Local legend warns visitors that on nights when the lake is full, a phantom coach and its passengers haunt the lake shores to this very day. 
Thank you all for following, listening and supporting! 

Ádhamh Máirtín ~ Vocals / Drums /  Flutes / Whistles / Sampling / Programming

Loughareema Photograph by Horslips5 used  under Creative Commons License /