Twice Around the World

  1. Brighten up my Life 3:11
  2. Everything that Rises 3:51
  3. Heads are Gonna Roll 3:42
  4. December Sky 3:07
  5. She’s on my Mind 3:21
  6. Always You 3:06
  7. She’s not There 4:20
  8. Rusty Old River 4:29
  9. Carrying the Fire 3:13
  10. Mr. Ginger 3:22
  11. A Delicate Web 3:32
Released March 03, 2018
Another Number One album! Re-recorded, refreshed, and rocking - ‘TWICE AROUND THE WORLD’ is a brand new recording of the best of their long unavailable, number one, hit album ‘Once Around the World’. With extra tracks, including the single ‘Always You’ and the radio hit ‘Brighten up my Life’  - this record captures The Stunning at their very best. It brings these songs right back from 1992 into the present day and they sound just the way the band always envisaged they should: capturing the spirit and energy of the band’s live performances. Released on March 16th 2018, it hit the number one spot in the Irish independent charts.