The Drift / Waiting For You

  1. The Drift 4:48
  2. Waiting For You 3:16
Released February 12, 2020 on Bluestack Records
The Plainest Truth is a new collaboration between Joe Harney (Deaf Joe) and Aisling Browne (Solar Taxi, Cut Once), rooted in the shared experience of their long-standing, long-distance friendship. Debut singles The Drift and Waiting For You provide a reflection on how life can often set us apart, yet we somehow remain linked to what really matters. 
 Hailing from Waterford, Joe and Aisling first got to know each other through their city’s vibrant music scene where a hundred bands were buzzing, bonding and disbanding faster than anyone could keep up with. They played many gigs together as part of Katie Kim’s live band before Joe uprooted to Scotland. The pair remained good friends and kept in touch, eventually agreeing to start sharing musical ideas, sketch out ideas for songs, melodies and lyrics between Dublin and Edinburgh. Without the pressure of recording under a title, songs slowly began to take shape and crystallise into something meaningful. When they finally got together to record properly, in Joe’s words, “...we just felt it worked from the get-go, that very first track we tried, 'Waiting For You'. Our voices felt like they had that elusive bit of magic you're always chasing. The way they sat really plainly together, without any effects or studio trickery.” 
 And so, the essential elements of The Plainest Truth were created: “It's a band realising our shared ideas for songs from afar, over distance. Lyrically, it's about missing people, needing them, the connections you can't deny and what that longing does to your head. The music is unhurried, a kind of dreamy take on classic folk songwriting, it takes its time, unconcerned with much else going on in the world. We're just focused on writing big, honest songs that allow our voices shine together.”