You Look Like You've Seen a Ghost

  1. Run Out 4:31
  2. Sad Dog in the Rain 4:08
  3. Wooden Sleepers 4:00
  4. Square Castle Smoke 3:02
  5. Harmonic Hills 4:07
  6. Cards 4:29
  7. New Year's Eve on Mirror Lake 3:23
  8. The Wreck of the PT280 3:58
  9. Moving Statues/Go Raven 4:35
  10. Time Signatures 3:51
  11. Hold Your Horses 3:35
  12. Broken Headphones 6:49
Released December 02, 2022
Moving Statues 'You Look Like You've Seen a Ghost'
(Rusted Rail)
Release Date - December 2nd 2022
Format - Cassette/Digital Download

Moving Statues is a new musical duo comprised of Rusted Rail labelmates Brian Kelly (So Cow) and Keith Wallace (Loner Deluxe). After 20-plus years of friendship and musical research they reckoned it was about time they recorded some music together. Their multi-instrumentalist collaboration kicked off in late 2019 and originated as a non-pandemic project although file-sharing and email overdubs were exchanged during that time. They recorded more than enough songs for a full length release - this is that album. A close listen will reveal a musical project that spans diverse musical touchstones such as hook-laden electro-indie rock, noisy synth pop, kosmische melodicism and spontaneous electronic composition with detours into motorik rock, slow-burning synthetic soundtracks and dubby ambient folk. The soundtrack for the winter of discontent is upon us.

1. Run Out  
2. Sad Dog in the Rain
3. Wooden Sleepers
4. Square Castle Smoke
5. Harmonic Hills
6. Cards

7. New Year's Eve on Mirror Lake
8. The Wreck of the PT280
9. Moving Statues/Go Raven
10. Time Signatures
11. Hold Your Horses
12. Broken Headphones

Liner Notes:
All music recorded in various homes by Brian Kelly and Keith Wallace: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drumkit, percussion, beat generation, drumbrute, tr-8 drum machine, vocals, dictaphone, tambourine, minimoog d, stylophone genx1,microkorg, casio sa46, casio pt280, bontempi minstrel beta, banjo, effects pedals, sampling, minilogue xd, minibrute2, field recordings.

Vocals on by 1 & 10 Brian, Vocals on 7 & 12 by Keith, Vocals on 2, 11, 12 by Cecilia Danell.
Lyrics on by 1 & 10 by Brian, Lyrics on 7 & 12 by Keith, Lyrics on 2 by Keith & Cecilia.
Photos by Keith and Brian.
Sleeve design by Keith & Cecilia.

Mixed by Keith.
Co-produced by Brian and Keith.

A Rusted Rail Release