Town & Country EP

  1. Broken Headphones 6:49
  2. Harmonic Hills 4:07
  3. Plum Jam 3:40
  4. The Wreck of the PT280 3:58
Released September 01, 2022
Moving Statues is a new musical project from Rusted Rail labelmates Brian Kelly (So Cow) and Keith Wallace (Loner Deluxe). After 20+ years of friendship and musical research it was about time they recorded and released some music together. Their collaboration kicked off in late 2019 and originated as a non-pandemic project although file-sharing and email overdubs were exchanged during that time. They have recorded more than enough songs for an album - that will appear on cassette a little further down the road - so in the meantime this EP represents the first fruits of their collaboration. This release contains 4 tracks spanning diverse musical touchstones as varied as motorik rock, slow burning synthetic soundtracks, ambient folk and spontaneous electronic composition.