1. How the West Wind Blows 3:57
  2. Dun Briste 5:39
  3. Tranquil Eyes 3:58
  4. Carbon Footprints in the Mud 3:25
  5. Nick Drake's Sister in Space 4:21
  6. Search & Rescue 3:60
  7. Druid Hill Sanitarium 4:01
  8. We Used to Dance in the Sky 3:56
  9. Ruined Church 4:52
  10. Sea Glass 4:42
  11. Stolen by the Faeries 4:04
  12. Lunar Swamp 5:47
  13. Bog Disco 5:41
  14. Hollow Mountain 7:14
Released May 06, 2022
Rusted Rail is proud to announce the release of 'Hinterlands', the 4th album by Loner Deluxe. This CD was mostly recorded on a rural recording residency in Ballycastle, in north County Mayo where Keith Wallace a.k.a. Loner Deluxe immersed himself in the rugged megalithic and Atlantean landscape. The surroundings seeped into the music as electronic folk songs met eco-balladry, music for demolished dancefloors and tunes inspired equally by old drum machines, rustic earthy banjo tones and ambient cosmic country music for space cowboys. This album was recorded via an Arts Council Agility Award and Loner Deluxe would also like to acknowledge the support of the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in making this album a reality. Bolstered by field recordings from an abandoned church and graveyard in the locality, 'Hinterlands' inhabits spaces both real and imagined and also features a transatlantic collaboration with US-based Irish poet Elaine Cosgrove. It wouldn't be a Loner Deluxe album if Wallace wasn't staring at the night sky and all that it contains - so there are also songs about zero gravity tourism and seeing Nick Drake's sister in space, a tone poem evoking the sonic scenery of a lunar swamp and  there's even room for a kosmische drum'n'bass number and a motorik mantra. Getting in touch with your roots has rarely sounded so futuristic.