Come Back (Full version + Radio Edit)

  1. Come Back (Radio Edit) 3:43
  2. Come Back (Full Version) 5:02
Released May 06, 2022 on No Robots Records
Singing the chorus in the shower and realised 'this song did not exist'. It had just arrived from O'Sullivan's subconscious! 'Well at least the first two lines of the chorus'. 

First performed at Debut, London Bridge on March 17th. Happy St Pat's! 

Recorded by Sveinn Jonsson @ Great Eastern Studios in June along with Radiohead's 'The Bends'. Both began as music school projects and recording 'The Bends' lead to the 'Radio In My Head' project.

There's a couple of poor quality rehearsal recordings that show the format here was arrived at pretty early. It was intentional to take the Blues sound and run with it. Layla's 60's organ sound, Joe's repeating the guitar figure setting the tone. Joe took the first solo and gave us a clean classic blues middle 8, Jón Mar hitting those drums hard and we're only half-way!

Simon steps forward and things get dirty as he claims the fretboard's higher reaches. Spy's bass takes over and we are climbing, climbing to the drop you know is coming!

Now we're on our way home, O'Sullivan is letting it all out... One more a climb up that mountain and there we are - we've reached the top with the world before us. Where is she?

I had the time of my life                  
But seeing you here
It just cuts like a knife
So I'll paint a picture for you
They'll be no colour
Cos it's black and blue

I had no reason to see
Or hear what you clearly were saying to me
I want you out of my head
I gotta find what should be there instead

Come back
You're all that I see
Come back
Be waiting for me
I'll make no plans
And I'll bide my time
Maybe you'll give me a sign 

I threw you out of my dreams
The present, the future
And all of those schemes
Now I ask for a minute of your time
Is it OK, if I change my mind?

I see your beautiful face
Your eyes and that smile 
And I know my place
I look to you
And you look to me
And I have a fight to be free

Vocals - John
Keys - Layla Kim
Electric Guitar - Joe Shimmin
Electric Guitar - Simon Goudarzi
Bass - Spy Austin
Drums - Jón Mar Össurarson