Destroy Monday

  1. Let's Destroy 3:23
  2. An Altercation 3:05
  3. DanceON 1:41
  4. The Nemesis 2:55
  5. Spacebird 1:60
  6. Pop to Shops / Scuffle 1:38
  7. Disassociation 1:49
  8. Seconds To Midnight 2:17
  9. Midnight Theme 1:52
  10. Your Light 2:49
  11. Destroy Monday 3:07
Released May 03, 2021

Debut album by Harm Cannon

The name of the album comes from the common criticism of Monday being the worst day of the week for its association with work, stress and being overwhelmed. Monday is the villain of this album, and YOU are its destroyer. The album follows a timeline from Sunday to Monday. You wake up on a Sunday and realise "oh crap, tomorrow is Monday. Oh doom, oh gloom" The idea of the opening tracks which vary in mood and genre, is to create that feeling, that there's some imminent doom around the corner and you're trying to be ignorant of that by trying to relax, or going shopping.

The later tracks schedule the arrival of Monday from the stroke of Midnight, and that's where you realise that Monday is like any other day. You take a moment to realise that, while thinking of the people and partners you care about as your light.

And with that light, that anxiety and doom from Monday is destroyed, turning it into any other day..

However, this cycle continues, and Midnight is just days away.