1. Birthdays Are Sad 4:10
  2. Don't Ask How I Am (I'm Fine) 2:35
  3. No Man Is An Island 3:24
  4. Like Me Like That 3:15
Released November 04, 2021
Girl For Sale is the moniker of Belfast-based songwriter Candice Cathers. Hers is an indie pop penned in coastal towns and performed in cramped bedrooms. Inspired by Broken Social Scene and Maggie Rogers, her writing leans towards the confessional; a mid-twenties sail towards self discovery. 
Seaspeak is her debut EP, released on November 4th. It tracks a journey, one that never strays far from a coastline, from brokenhearted to decidedly alone to tentatively letting someone in again. Produced by Gary White, the songs retain the sincerity of their bedroom demo roots, combining vintage electric guitar with spacey synths and allowing the lyrics to take centre stage.