All My Sins [Single]

  1. All My Sins 3:41
  2. Late Last Nite 3:54
Released April 19, 2022
All My Sins was recorded at home in Dundalk in the Summer of 2020 by the band.


I saw you act all surprised, pleasantly wrapped up in lies. This life ain’t on my side. I can’t take no more. Kee-kee-keep pushing me down. I-I-I block it out.
Go for a walk. Read a book. I’ll be okay.

And as I dance all along your heartstrings, Can’t make myself stop ‘till I hear the birds sing. Another sad song, another surfaceless fling. Could teach myself a lesson when I get mugged by depression but I can’t sleep, won’t eat, don’t dream tonight. (can’t sleep, won’t eat, don’t dream tonight) Maybe I’ll become another casualty? Saucepan eyes, not talking shy. Oh look, it’s 12:30 AM.

Like a child, I was scared of all my sins.

All alone, so alone in my bed. I take my last match, I die a thousand hard deaths.
I button up, button down, drown in cold sweats. I’ve given up my best self, packed my heart away and gave it to you to pick up what I leave behind, to pick up what I leave behind.


Music/Lyrics/Performed - Francis Watters

Engineered/Produced/Mixed - Francis Watters, Peter McCoy, Pauric McCrum

Additional performance - Peter McCoy, John Mellon.

Mastered - Tony Fitz.

Artwork Photography and Design - David Noonan.