The Nashville Calling

  1. All in Good Time 4:07
  2. Tough People 4:31
  3. Safe and Sound 4:50
  4. Like a Breeze 3:55
  5. Round the Next Bend 4:15
  6. Imagination 3:08
  7. Up There in the Sky 3:17
  8. New Jerusalem 3:34
  9. Broken 3:31
  10. Borrowed Time 3:43
Released March 27, 2020
BEN REEL –  (The Nashville Calling press release) 2020

‘The Nashville Calling` is the title of the  9th studio album by Irish artist Ben Reel released in March 2020. Produced by Will Kimbrough and Tommy Womack and featuring Garry W Tallent on bass from the legendary E Street Band. The album contains 11 new tracks all written by Ben Reel. It was recorded at Skinny Elephant Studios in Nashville. This album was done and dusted in just 3 days with all live takes. Following the critically acclaimed experimental slow burner `Land of Escape’ from 2018, this new record has a more americana, rootsy rock, live band feel.

Band line-up for The Nashville Calling:  
Ben Reel - Vocals, acoustic guitar, Harmonica/ Will Kimbrough- electric guitars, keys, melotrone, mandoline, Backing vocals , dobro, percussion/ Tommy Womack - additional electric guitar, backing vocals/ Evan Hutchings - Drums & Percussion/ Garry W Tallent bass/ 
Julieanne Reel - Backing vocals

Recorded @ Skinny Elephant studio, Nashville
Mixed by: Dylan Alltredge @ Skinny elephant studio, Nashville
Mastered by: Jim DeMain ,Yes mastering studio, Nashville

“No.1 in the Euro Americana chart for April 2020 - The Nashville Calling. Voted by respected DJ's & Journalist across Europe.”

Euro Americana chart - April 2020

“ 11 heavenly storming roots rocksongs sounds like the urgency of a hungry debutant who wants to win a war. And he sometimes can put the finger on the spirit of the age. Tough times... That's the Reel stuff. - 4/5 stars” - Herman Van Der Horst

— Lust for Life Magazine, Netherlands. The Nashville Calling review 2020

“These are songs about the resilience and the brave. They could be soundtracks and theme songs for the first responders in our current health pandemic. Reel has all the ingredients of the best roots rockers – swagger, attitude, heart and a way with words. And, his voice is so much better than most. Listen up.” - Jim Hynes

Glide Magazine U.S.A - The Nashville Calling review 2020

“Artists always want to believe their latest record is the best they’ve ever created, but The Nashville Calling just might be Ben Reel’s best” - Gary Wien

New Jersey Stage Magazine, USA - The Nashville Calling interview 25/05/2020

“There’s not a single track that doesn’t immediately sink in tomake an emphatic initial impression. For those who are unfamiliar with his previous work, this is the place to begin. Dare we say it’s the “Reel Deal?” - Lee Zimmerman

Goldmine,The Music Collector's Magazine. U.S.A - The Nashville Calling review 2020

“Tough People could be an anthem for these challenging times. The Nashville Calling is arguably Reel’s most inspired album to date, and a useful reminder that no artist of merit creates in a vacuum. ” - Jackie Hayden

Hotpress, The Nashville Calling review March 2020

“The velvet voice of Ben Reel sounds superb in the eleven self-composed songs inspired by Americana and country rock rhythms that can be heard on "The Nashville Calling” - Freddie Cells

Rootstime, Belguim - The Nashville Calling review March 2020

“The Nashville Calling is yet another wonderful addition to his expanding body of work, fans probably know enough.” - Theo Volk

Music that needs attention (NL) - The Nashville Calling review March 2020

“The playing on The Nashville Calling is peerless, as one would expect from such high-calibre musicians, while Reel's vocals have more than a hint of Roy Orbison about them, which, together with his incisive lyrics, make this an outstanding album of rootsy, soulful music” - Jeremy Searle

RnR magazine UK, The Nashville Calling review 2020

“Beautifully played by a bunch of stellar musicians, their live sound and energy is captured perfectly in this recording. 'The Nashville Calling' is certainly an apposite title for this little gem from Ben Reel, stuffed full of fine Americana rootsy rock it's a top addition to his impressive album portfolio.” - Paul Jackson

FATEA magazine - UK , The Nashville Calling review 2020

“What a joy to help Ben make this wonderful record - Ben has a lot of soul, a powerful voice and a batch of dead on songs. The rhythm section of Garry Tallent and Evan Hutchings combined with the guitar weaving of Tommy, Ben & myself made for inspired interaction. Great experience & an even better album. ”

— Will Kimbrough, Nashville, TN

“Ben’s new album is a triumph. Blessed with a vision and his tremendous voice, he gets inside his words and music and makes magic. I’m super glad I got to help out on this project. He’s a singular talent and a wonderful person on top of that. ”

— Tommy Womack, Nashville, TN