The Mountain Rages

  1. Raindear 3:13
  2. Sparrow Sorrow 3:41
  3. Mountain Rages 3:46
  4. Galaxies Away 3:07
  5. Red Gold is Gone 3:11
  6. Winter Wanderer 2:06
  7. Tunnelling Through 4:07
  8. Nightshade 2:19
  9. A Fine Day at Last 3:48
  10. Theremin Song 1:41
  11. Campfire in the Snow 2:56
Released March 31, 2017
'The Mountain Rages' came together during sessions in the spring and the wet summer of 2016, recorded via one microphone and a bunch of borrowed and found instruments, in an attic room in Galway and during impromptu sessions in a remote cabin in Norway. Whilst sequestered in the Norwegian cabin with no instruments to hand, Danell recorded two songs ("Winter Wanderer" and "Theremin Song") variously on some empty vessels with a tablespoon and with an online digital Theremin piped through salvaged speakers - see if you can spot these extreme home-recordings. Snatches of shortwave radio and field recordings also imbue the sonic fabric of the album with a sense of wilderness. A Lilac Decline’s dreamfolk is haunted by owls and warmed by cracking cabin fireplaces which lends the album a rustic, handmade aesthetic. On a couple of tracks waves of melody emerge from the fog of homemade shoegaze haze to bestow an ethereal aura upon this wood-wandering forest folk music.