Shelter from the Shadows

  1. Sunset Song 4:05
  2. Vague Promises 3:27
  3. Foxglove 2:55
  4. Stars Seem so Far 2:20
  5. UV Light 3:49
  6. Crystal Shards 1:53
  7. Order in Chaos 2:49
  8. They'll Never Know 2:35
  9. Blood Red Moon 3:09
  10. Bass Song 2:21
  11. Burn for You 3:39
  12. Back to the Sea 3:09
  13. Trace Your Footsteps 1:41
  14. Dragonfly 4:50
Released October 02, 2020
Whilst there were flashes of electricity on A Lilac Decline's debut album, her second album for Rusted Rail finds her going electric, Telecaster in hand. Having pretty much ditched the acoustic guitar that was so prominent on 'The Mountain Rages', her sophomore album 'Shelter from the Shadows' is shot through with glimmering and shimmering six string serenades, fuzzy melodies and chunky riffs. It’s not all sturm and strum though as her signature sound of fingerpicked guitar is still present, whilst some electronic elements have also crept in. A dusty banjo also rears it's head and Brian Kelly from So Cow
plays drums on two songs. 'Shelter From The Shadows' is both a musical and sonic progression from her debut album. Plugged in
and turned up, Danell overcomes any conventional wisdom regarding the 'difficult second album' as this upcoming release finds her exactly where she needs A Lilac Decline to be. Rural electrification has rarely sounded so sweet.