A Ballad for Looking into Time

  1. A Ballad for Looking into Time 10:30
Released May 09, 2022
'A Ballad for Looking into Time' is NIMF's debut in an exploration into storytelling. 

Set at a campfire in the forest, a transient troop of musicians break into an original Irish folk ballad. Soon it becomes clear that this is no ordinary ballad, one that facilitates divination by lifting the veil of time that pervades creation: an unworldly Sirenoscape, devoid of humanity. 

Making use of Irish traditional and folk music, this song begins with two things: the voice and the lute. Through sound design techniques the listener can hear the voice walk around a campfire. Over time, these two things become so morphed and distorted it eventually transitions into an ambient and experimental soundscape. 

This is the first piece in NIMF's new project: The Oneiricological Sireonscape. Oneiric meaning dream-like and dream-states and Sirenoscape meaning the mythological siren tied with a soundscape.