To the dreamers

  1. To the dreamers 4:50
Released January 26, 2022

After "House with yellow windows", which enjoyed some attention on the airwaves in Ireland and the UK, "To the dreamers" is the 4th single from Martin Praetorius' forthcoming album 'It's OK, I'm still laughing!'

It is for those who doubt and for those who dream, which are often the same kind of people.

Fiachna O'Braonain, RTE Radio 1

"The German with the Irish heart."
David Dee Moore, Acoustic Yard Radio Show

released January 26, 2022

Martin Praetorius
- vocals, acoustic guitar
Dania König - piano, choir arrangement
Ulrich Rode -
electric guitars
Dirk Schaadt -
Hammond Organ
Marius Goldhammer
- bass
Mario Garruccio - drums

The Dreamer Choir:
Jonna Busch, Dania König, Fionn & Louis Soldo, Martin Praetorius

Dania König, Marius Goldhammer and Dirk Schaadt recorded at their homes
Martin Praetorius recorded at The Gaf, Copenhagen
Ulrich Rode recorded at his own Hamburg
Mario Garruccio was recorded by Achim Albrecht at Darmstadt

mixed at The Barn, on the shores of the Baltic Sea in the North of Germany by Martin Praetorius.

produced by Martin Praetorius, co-produced by those who played

Thank you Jonna, Dania, Achim, Dirk, Fionn, Friedemann, Jacob, Louis, Mario, Marius & Ulrich!
The cover drawing is a piece of art an unknown woman left for me after a gig on January 20, 2017 at Nienburger Kulturwerk, Nienburg, Germany. 
I hope the original artist will recognize her work, so I can credit her. 

all rights reserved 
© Martin Praetorius