Tales from the feverworld

  1. This town 3:10
  2. Banrion na Farraige 3:44
  3. I wish I was in love with you 4:12
  4. Anywhere but here 3:34
  5. Song about a love... 3:21
  6. And so will I 4:38
  7. Trenches 3:13
  8. Tecumseh Valley 4:34
  9. Skin & Bone 4:46
  10. Needs 3:12
  11. Harder to breathe 5:35
  12. Tales from the feverworld 4:39
Released September 21, 2018
Martin Praetorius – vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, low whistle
 Dania König – upright piano, accordion, glockenspiel, backing vocals
 Markus Segschneider – electric guitars, lap steel
 Dirk Schaadt – Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer, piano on “Banrion na Farraige”
 Marius Goldhammer – bass
 Mario Garruccio – drums
 Jen Hajj – duet vocals on “Banrion Na Farraige”
 Sofia Ekberg – duet vocals and acoustic guitar on “Anywhere but here”
 Dino Soldo – horns on “Song about a love”, “Skin & Bone” and “Tecumseh Valley”
 recorded at TRESOHR STUDIOS, Oberhausen, DE by Marcus Kötter
 Sofia Ekberg's guitar and vocals recorded somewhere on the road in Sweden by Patrick Rydman
 Jen Hajj's vocals recorded by Mike Gustin at MTG Studio, Idyllwild, California, USA
 mixed at Working Corners by Martin Praetorius
 mastered by Fritz Fey at Double-D Mastering, Oberhausen, DE
 arranged by everyone who played
 produced by Martin Praetorius
 graphic design: Petra Wehling, platzfuenf.de 
photos: Kris Saelen 
map: Southern hemisphere constellations scenographically over the terrestrial globe. Plate from Andreas Cellarius Harmonia Macrocosmica of 1661 
Thank you Dania König, Marius Goldhammer, Markus Segschneider, Dirk Schaadt and Mario Garruccio for putting your heart and soul into these songs. It means the world to me. 
Thank you Marcus Kötter & Carsten Wrede and everybody at POTTpeople and TRESOHR STUDIOS. 
Thanks to the following people in no particular order: 
Reiner Borgmeyer, Hannah Harrison, Sofia Ekberg, Claudia Nentwich, Jen Hajj, Dino Soldo, Fritz Fey, Petra Wehling, Jacob Svendsen, Patrick Rydman, Mike Gustin, Kris Saelen, Brett Perkins, Dr. Donald Becker, Frank Möller, Floriana di Luca, Anja & Willi Schäfer, Michael “Doc” Schneider, Markus Becker and all my Copenhagen Listening Roomies. 
all songs written by Martin Praetorius, except: 
Anywhere but here
written by Sofia Ekberg (STIM)/Martin Praetorius 
Banrion Na Farraige 
written by Jen Hajj (ASCAP)/Martin Praetorius 
written by Claudia Nentwich/Martin Praetorius 
Skin & Bone 
written by Jen Hajj (ASCAP)/Martin Praetorius 
written by Hannah Harrison/Martin Praetorius 
Tecumseh Valley 
written by Townes van Zandt 
© Silver Dollar Music Inc. admin. by Wixen Music Publ. Inc. 
courtesy of Melodie der Welt GmbH & Co. KG