Out of this town

  1. Out of this town 4:01
Released June 23, 2022
 'Out Of This Town' is the 5th outing from Martin Praetorius' forthcoming album 'It's OK, I'm Still Laughing!', which is due for release later this year..
 The uplifting catchy folk pop track was written during the early months of 2020 at The Barn in the North of Germany, it tackles the habit of dwelling in the aftermath of an unhappy relationship for way too long, thinking it over and over again and trying to make right what probably wasn't meant to be in the first place. 
 Sometimes it takes a friendly reminder from the outside world, that there is life and new possibilities, if you give yourself a jolt and start looking for them. 

 Martin Praetorius - vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
 Ulrich Rode - electric guitars
 Dirk Schaadt - Hammond Organ
 Marius Goldhammer - bass
 Mario Garruccio - drums