Into the Mystic

  1. Into the mystic 3:45
Released August 06, 2021
"It's hard to take on classic tunes like that and leave some sort of imprint of your own, but fair play to him, that's a fine version I think."
Ralph Mc Lean, BBC Radio Ulster

"Martin Praetorius retaining a sense of Celtic grace with his version of Van Morrison's classic song 'Into the mystic.'
Who would dare cover Van Morrison in such a brilliant way

Alex Huskisson, Mystery Train Radio, UK

"A big one to take on, and he does it great."
Fiachna Ó Braonain, RTE Radio 1, Ireland

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"Into the mystic", written by Van Morrison, is the second single from Martin Praetorius' forthcoming album "It's OK, I'm still laughing!"
 "There was a large chestnut tree just outside our house, with the branches reaching my window.
 As a young teenager, I would lie in bed at night in the summer with the window open, listening to the wind playing with the leaves. I would hear the slow, steady rain, and I would try to follow the sound of the different sizes of drops, cascading from the top down.
On Friday nights, I would hear music coming from across the street, where the weekly disco was held in the student accommodation. That was my favourite night.
Depending on the direction of the wind, I could make out the songs, if I knew them. I didn't know many, but I was learning fast. Sometimes the wind was not in my favour and all I could hear was scraps of sounds, coming and going, which made it hard to tell what they were playing.

But those nights ended, one like the other, with me drifting away from that place where day and dream collide, to the music that was slowly fading...
They were probably playing "Into the mystic" back then, because when I got to know Van Morrison's music a few years later, it sounded very familiar.
But more likely, it is just one of those songs that you hear and instantly feel at home with. It never grows old. It's always new and exciting. And it always stays with you like a good friend.

It became one of my favourite summer songs. Listen to it with the window open. Maybe there's a tree in front of your house. Maybe the wind picks up the music, shuffles it through the leaves and blows it away, to someone else's ear..."
 released August 6, 2021
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 Martin Praetorius - vocals, acoustic guitar, clapping
 Ulrich Rode - electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin
 Dirk Schaadt - Hammond organ, Wurlitzer
 Marius Goldhammer - bass
 Mario Garruccio – drums
Marius Goldhammer, Dirk Schaadt and yours truly recorded at home.
Ulrich Rode recorded at his own Hamburg
Mario was recorded by the great Achim Albrecht at Darmstadt

mixed and mastered at The Barn, on the shores of the Baltic Sea in the North of Germany by Martin Praetorius.

written by Van Morrison