1. August 2:43
Released September 01, 2023
"August" muses on the change of season that probably makes us the most sentimental: the transition from the abundant bloom of summer with its long, glorious evenings full of light, to different colours, darker hours and colder weather.
It's also a reminder that youth doesn't last forever and that love is often for those who take their chances.

"It's got a lovely sense of nostalgia."
(Shirley Ní Ríagáin, West Limerick 102 FM)

"A beautiful song from our beloved German troubadour."
(Fiachna O Bráonaín, RTE Radio 1)

© Martin Praetorius

I guess I've seen her face before
I can't remember when
The beauty in her wild green eyes
The shimmer of her skin
And how she moves so gently
In her simple cotton dress
I can't help, but lie awake at night
And dream of her caress

A steady rain is falling
Not a breeze is in the air
Oh August, what have you become
You used to be so fair
You now look like a herold
Of the autumn coming soon
It ssems like only yesterday
When flowers where in bloom

But look - how she sways
In those soft summer days...

The years have passed, I'm older now
And youth has slipped away
I never met someone like her
Or never made her stay
Oh, how dare you expect
That you will age like vintage wine
Maybe she's the one
You were never meant to find

releases September 1, 2023
Martin Praetorius - vocals, acoustic guitar
Dania Koenig - piano, backing vocals
Ulrich Rode - electric guitars
Marius Goldhammer - bass
Mario Garruccio - drums

mixed & mastered in a house in Crosshaven, Co. Cork, Ireland
written by Martin Praetorius © 2023