All the travelling

  1. All the travelling 3:43
Released April 02, 2021
This is "All the travelling", the first single from Martin Praetorius' forthcoming album "It's OK, I'm still laughing!", written with Seattle-based songwriter Jay Pinto on a fine October day on the beautiful island of Inis Oirr, just off the West Coast of Ireland, in the mouth of Galway Bay.

Praetorius was half a year into living without a place of his own and without a permanent base:

"I started to feel very good about all the travelling. It was liberating. I was shaking off ballast I had been carrying with me for way too long.
 Jay followed my into this mind-set most willingly and helped me spin a tale that really is my own."

Covid-19 put an end to this travelling after two years, and for a year now he's been stuck, hunkered down at dear friends, who offer him shelter and a surrounding where he can work and produce without having to worry too much, apart from the loneliness that surrounds him, and - for that matter - many of us in these challenging times.

"I am slowly losing touch with the reality I have created for myself. It wasn't an easy decision to get rid of all my belongings - just keeping my guitars and my music gear - and take to the road in the first place, given the age that I had reached.  But it was a good decision.

I don't know yet how much longer I will have to wait. I don't know what it's gonna feel like to put the key back into the ignition, shift her into gear and get going again. I hope this song will help me, and hopefully it will help some of you doing what you love, too."

We only have one life. We have to remind ourselves every now and then.  

All the travelling
© Jay Pinto/Martin Praetorius
I have nothing to my name
Only this suitcase I’m carrying
My coat is heavy but it’s plain
It’s warm enough but now it’s wearing thin
From wind and rain
And all the travelling
Who knows what brought me to this place
A flip of the coin, mere coincidence
So many people along the way
Acts of love and random incidents
A picture frame
Of all the travelling
Took a lot of miles
Can’t say there wasn’t any pain
I finally realize
That the road is wide
And time is on my side
I have nothing to my name
Places to go but I’m not hurrying
No longer caught up in this game
And the ticking of the clock that kept me worrying
Winds of change
And all the travelling
All the travelling
All the travelling
All the travelling

released April 2, 2021

Martin Praetorius - vocals, guitars, mandolin, harmonica
Marius Goldhammer - bass
Mario Garruccio - drums

Mario's drums were recorded skilfully by Achim Albrecht at R.A.u.M.103, Darmstadt, Germany.
Thank you Achim.
produced by Martin Praetorius at The Barn, in a secret location close to the Baltic Sea in the North of Germany.
Thank you Petra & Ras.
cover picture and artwork by yours truly.
Marius & Mario: there's no better men. Thank you!