H O M E T I M E  is a pop project by Tony Kavanagh, Dublin, Ireland. From the songwriting and the vocals to the design and the funding, the album project is entirely self-managed. Production duties are handled, in the main, by Seán Hurley, in his Little Bear studio.

May 17 sees the release of the two track single BURN THE PHOTOGRAPH - THE VINNY VERO DARKROOM MIXES. Ramping up the BPM, adding a chant and a truly filthy bass, Vero makes a pair of thundering dance tracks from the skittering electro original.  The original BURN THE PHOTOGRAPH is a slinky, skittering slab of electronica that drops into an explosive argument between a warring couple - and the end of the song implodes alongside the relationship. It spent three weeks at No.1 on Canada's gay chart, The Q32.   

Last month, the Vinny Vero Extended Version of HOMETIME's WHAT YOU WANTED was released on Conzoom Records' dance compilation album Electropop.27. It comes from the EP of remixes by Vero, an acclaimed New York dance maestro. Vero's remix creates a classic 12" floorfiller, freighted with glamour and 80s sensibilities.  The original track and the companion remixes all showcase a feelgood track that's perfect for kitchen dancing. There's even a festive version, which was released to raise funds for The Stephen Moylan Foundation, a new organisation established to guide and support children through the loss of a parent.

The three previous singles - GRATITUDE; THE SOUND OF HEARTBREAK; and IT BEATS LIVING ALONE - hit the Top 5 of the Irish iTunes pop singles chart and gained airplay in Ireland, the UK, the US, Canada, Switzerland and Israel. Two of them reached No.1 on Canada's Q32.

The singles all trail the forthcoming début album, which is nearing completion. 

The pandemic delays have been turned into creative opportunities. Keeping busy writing for the album, Tony has also co-written material with and for other acts. 

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