January 30, 1820 : Edward Bransfield

  1. Needle Point 2:12
  2. Happy be the Crew 7:14
  3. January 30 1820 3:28
  4. Planxty Edward Bransfield 3:28
  5. Spirit Level 3:00
  6. Bransfield Strait 9:43
Arriving January 30, 2024

January 30, 1820 : Edward Bransfield  

Discovering Antarctica

Turning south, Edward Bransfield crossed what is now known as the Bransfield Strait named for him by James Weddell in 1822 and on 30 January 1820 Bransfield sighted Trinity Peninsula, the northern most point of the Antarctic mainland. "Such was the discovery of Antarctica," writes Roland Huntford. Bransfield made a note in his log of two "high mountains, covered with snow", one of which was subsequently named Mount Bransfield by Jules Dumont d'Urville in Bransfield's honour.

Thus was Antarctica discovered by Edward Bransfield on 30 January 1820.

Edward Bransfield was born in Ballinacurra, County Cork, Ireland, Circa 1785.

Needle Point
Happy be the Crew
January 30, 1820
Planxty Edward Bransfield
Spirit Level 
Bransfield Strait

Music composed and arranged by Gearóid Ó Deaghaidh 

Track 1. Needle Point
Track 2. Happy be the Crew
Track 3. January 30, 1820 
Track 4. Planxty Edward Bransfield
Track 5. Spirit Level
Track 6. Bransfield Strait  

Music composed, arranged and performed 
by Gearóid Ó Deaghaidh   

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