Once upon a time

  1. Once upon a time 3:19
  2. Cat Engine 3:15
  3. Wind Libby Hart 4:41
  4. GallowBirds 2:36
  5. 30 seconds 0:31
  6. Flounder Flounder 5:09
  7. Cat and Mouse 1:03
  8. She is like the sun 4:16
  9. I am one fire Libby Hart 4:13
Released May 26, 2024
a collection of fairy stories and fantastical tales. Poems and tiny stories by me, Libby Hart and the Hans Christian Anderson collection. Mixed in with funky tunes, weird synths and anything else I thought of! 
FlounderLing is the personal space for Cliodhna Quinlan to indulge the weird side of her music production. She is the founder and songwriter for GreenBirdFlying... where all the nice stuff goes :)