I am one fire

  1. I am one fire 4:13
Released May 08, 2024
'I am one fire' is a collaboration between musician and composer Cliodhna Quinlan and poet Libby Hart. 
The words in this piece are a reworking of Libby's poem 'Meet me in the Love Burned Orchard'. This poem is itself a reworking of words and images and a homage to writers that have inspired her. Each line is repeated from the beginning with one more sentence added on at the end so the poem becomes longer and longer with each retelling. This stretches the story, gives each moment its chance to inhabit its own space and gives the listener a little piece of new information each time. This reflects relationships in real life, they go slowly and grow a little bit each day. We repeat the same stories to each other a little more information added on as we get to know and trust the 'other' in our lives.

The words used in 'I am one fire' are taken from the poem 'Meet Me in the Love-Burned Orchard'. This cento arrangement by Libby Hart cites the work of Cynthia Cruz (poem title), Hala Alyan, Louise Erdrich, Anne Michaels, Charles Wright, Cecilia Llompart, and Mary Ruefle, respectively. 'Meet Me in the Love-Burned Orchard' appears in Libby Hart's poetry collection, Burn (Lepus Print, Ballinful, 2022). For more details, please refer to www.lepusprint.com.