Sounds of Silent Bloom

  1. Wrong Foot Forward 3:14
  2. Catching Buses 2:56
  3. Just Don't Lie 3:54
  4. Ur Stars R Mine 3:37
  5. One Right Answer 1:52
Released February 18, 2022
On Sounds of Silent Bloom, the newest EP from Derry based songwriter and producer Kid Apollo, "Reset" is the name of the game. Whilst the Kid Apollo output has been incredibly varied and eclectic so far, the newest release in his catalogue sees a sonic shift towards the simplistic, where indie rock/pop vibes and atmospheric, dreamy guitars intertwine with infectious melodies and grooving beats that wrap around lyrics of a sincere yet poetic nature. Whether's it's the blazing guitars in the coda of 'Wrong Foot Forward', the hook laden and self-confessional 'Catching Buses' or the cosmic balladry of 'Ur Stars R Mine', there's a consistent presence to all of the songs that ties the whole thing together. Whatever comes next in the Kid Apollo discography, we'll know the catalyst was the content of this home-produced 5 track EP.